Blayne (US)


DJ Blayne is a mobile Soulful / Gospel / Afro / Latin / Tribal House (Dance) Music DJ/Producer with more than 15 years of live performance, FM broadcast and internet radio experience playing the newest up-tempo releases, exclusive songs, as well as long time popular uplifting mind, body, and soul tracks!

Many DJs will tell the story of how they attended some iconic club or studied under some legendary DJ and thus got their start in mixing, remixing, and moving the crowd. But there are others who were simply moved by these DJs and that observation was inspiration enough to set them on a path that speaks to their love and appreciation for an artform that they've come to respect. Blayne Ashmore is one such DJ.

Born and raised in Queens, NY, he was able to bear witness to the legendary hip hop rivalry that placed the Bronx at the opposing end. DJs and lyricist battling for hip-hop domination launched the careers of some of the cultures most noted artists. Amid so much creativity there could be no doubt that it would influence Blayne’s ear.

YouTube channel DJ Blayne

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