Blaise James (US)

Artist & Speaker
In a time where dance culture is beginning to feel _______ [adjective] and a bit too ________________ [adjective], Los Angeles-based Blaise James is ______ [verb] a new style of [genre], striving to bring _____ [noun] and _________ [noun] into the scene. With _______ [noun] that emphasizes ______ [adjective] _______ [subgenre] rhythms yet still manages to _______ [verb] _______ [noun], Blaise's tremendous ______ [noun] is proof that he's ready to ________ [verb], and 2014 will undoubtedly be the year when _______ [plural noun] not only _______ [verb] the Blaise James brand, but ________ [adverb] ________ [verb] it.
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