Blackshades (NL)

Blackshades made his entrée into the dance music scene in 2008. Now known for his underground sound,” and energy during his set, this is what he has been doing ever since – as a promoter, producer and especially as a gifted DJ. His DJ career has gone global. In recent years Blackshades has racked up an eye-watering number of air-miles and brought his deft touch to the hottest parties on the planet, including Ibiza, to London, Paris, What he brings to every club is a winning mix of style and enthusiasm. He oozes cool but Blackshades never makes the mistake of taking himself seriously. His only priority is to keep the party rocking. Blackshades discovered the power of pure entertainment as a kid listening to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and, like a great pop star, he understands that giving people what they want doesn’t mean compromising on quality. The past two years have seen Blackshades devote himself increasingly to organize events with impressive results. Given his deep roots in the electronic music scene it is hardly surprising Blackshades career is blooming. If anything the mischievous twinkle in his eye that led to his first gig in Amsterdam is brighter than ever, and his irrepressible urge to be at the heart of the party is just as strong. With an ever-broadening network of clubs and fan-base clamouring for his music there is hardly a corner of the world left that is immune to the charms of Blackshades underground sound.
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