Bhaskar (BR)

DJ, producer and above all, artist; Bhaskar has shown in recent years why he plays a key role in the evolution of electronic dance music in Brazil. Being the son of renowned DJs Swarup and Ekanta, at a very early age Bhaskar was already performing at several national gigs and soon enough internationally in several countries. USA, Australia and Thailand are some of Bhaskar’s solid fan-bases across the globe. In 2019 for the first time the artist Bhaskar performs at Lollapalooza Brasil. A considerable step in building your career as a DJ. Beyond his technical skill, Bhaskar has been able to collabortate with major national artists such as Alok Petrillo (his twin brother) and Anitta. “Feeling So High” in collaboration with Sevenn became Tommorowland Brasil’s Theme Song. Bhaskar is also one of the main producers of “Universo Paralello” Festival.
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