Benjamin Conteh (NL)

Speaker (Life Dreamers)

Meet Benjamin Conteh, the driving force behind Life Dreamers, a brand dedicated to inspiring individuals to voice their dreams and share them with the world. Through a dynamic mix of podcasts, events, and masterclasses, Life Dreamers provides the tools and inspiration needed for dreamers to transform their aspirations into tangible realities.

In the realm of podcasts, Benjamin serves as the guiding host, engaging in insightful conversations with industry pioneers. These remarkable individuals have boldly pursued their dreams, taken daring leaps of faith, and emerged triumphant. What unites them all is an unyielding commitment to the pursuit of their dreams.

With a past as a marketer at Vunzige Deuntjes, a subsidiary of ID&T, he has a profound love for events that has never waned.

The transformative potential of event marketing serves as a compelling reminder that dreams can indeed become a reality when met with unwavering determination, and that events have the power to spark profound change.

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