Bastienne (NL)


Organizing raves in her hometown Amersfoort since 2018 and having a broadinterest in music from a young age, naturally grew to the point where Bastiennefound herself in the DJ booth. The creative scene in Amersfoort provided ampleopportunities to hone her skills and grow as a DJ and her musical appearancesquickly caught the ear of enthusiasts, dancers and promotors.

She enjoys the mindful and ecstatic experience that music induces, and hopes todeliver this same experience to her audience. The base of her style is hard but groovy techno and house, but her selection is not limited to just that. She frequently mixes breakbeat, electro, jungle, hardcore, trance or even old R&B tracks into her sets to present an exciting performance.

She has played at Wildeburg, Lowlands, By The Creek and Into The Woods duringher first festival season in 2022 and has captivated her audience at clubs likePerron, BRET, Radion, Thuishaven and during the ecstatic Is Burning club nights.

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