Bas Kunnen (NL)


Bas Kunnen (Weert, 29-01-1975) has always had a great passion for music. As a 5-year old he started his formal training as a classical pianist. As a teenager he was the drummer of the pop band "The Noisy Tools" and when he first heard the Prodigy’s “Out of space” he was instantly fascinated by dance-music. Bas started out as a DJ in local clubs, later as producer and music-publisher and finally as a successful live performer. In 2004 Bas started his label X-ceptional Music and put ourt several tracks and albums over the years.

Next to that Bas was a boardmember of the Conamus Foundation (now: BumaCultuur), Foundation Popmusic Limburg, presented radioshows (Radio Decibel) and works on a regular basis as talentscout, manager and advisor for new artists. The ADE Next, a program for starting DJs and producers during the Amsterdam Dance Event, is one of Bas's ideas during his boardmembership of the Conamus Foundation. Bas was teaching music production on the National Popacademy in Utrecht in 2010 and 2011.

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