baby ganoush (LB)


baby ganoush, a remix of “baba ganoush” is an experimental DJ and visual
artist, born from a healthy dietary scheme of ambient, serving tears in the club combined with “intelligent butt music”, as she likes to describe it. baby g started playing as a way of processing competing emotions and translating what no words could express into sets that take you through a real transcendental voyage.

With an eye for the creative overall picture and a stimulating sound palette, she contrasts dark electronics with glittering beams of light, influenced by her chaotic Swedish and Lebanese perspective, and characterised by textured, soul-tickling, nostalgic and futuristic sounds with heavy bass that encapsulates the room.

Combining a wide range of genres, often ambient, idm, breaks, electro, grime, dream pop, and percussive rhythms, while passionately finding harmonious interplays between soft and harsh melodies. Keeping the audience on their toes.

With music that serves as a conditioner for hearts and souls, she aims to spark intimate connections amongst people and within themselves, leaving the vibe feeling warm and fuzzy.

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