Artur Sleeuw ()

At the age of 15, Arthur Sleeuw came in touch with underground electronic music. Nowadays, 9 years later, he’s busy with putting down a name and homefront. With a brand new organization called e Circle and lots of fresh ideas, he is determined to develop his ideas into deeds. Arthur’s style in music can be described as broad, yet still sets a lot of boundaries. it can be House, Techhouse or Techno, but it needs to be interesting. Complex percussive rhythms, deep & dark uplifting and melancholic harmonies and rolling lower ends to make sure you’re carried forward. His early inspiration comes from the likes of James Holden, Stephan Bodzin, Extrawelt, Hernan Cattaneo, Underworld, Gabriel Ananda, Max Cooper, Gui Boratto and the Innervisions sound. His style is known for blending different kinds of atmospheres in a smooth transitional way but not afraid to make radical changes every now and then, ranging from uplifting and melodic to dark and heavy. In terms of producing he is busy developing his own sound and perfecting his skills through trial and error. Expect a diverse renewing sound mainly focussed on deeper shades of House & Techhouse with humanly rhythms and a well spread harmonic consonance & dissonance.
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