Arne Koefoed (NL)

Arne Koefoed, Founder and Head of Ideas at WINK Creative Director - Event, experience, and environment designer Hippie, hooligan, tactile storyteller and experience architect on a mission to celebrate life, bring rapture, and make the world all right for a while. Transforming the temporary nature of an event into an unforgettable “now”. As a second-year fashion student with a lust for life and a raw talent for partying, Arne threw his first rave with the apt title Exhibit A in the late 80s – the infatuation was instantaneous. The unique mayhem of subculture, music, art, hospitality and zeitgeist was irresistible and proved to be contagious. At that time, Arne truly felt he had discovered an art form that was, by its very nature, interactive, immediate, interdisciplinary, hip-and-happening, disruptive, and most of all, loads of fun! 30 years later, Arne remains true to his original flavor. His ambition to spread his “Feel Good” mission on a global scale is limitless. At the same time, the effectiveness and necessity of live experiential marketing, combined with tactile “brand” storytelling as strategy, has been embraced on a global scale. And WINK as an original trailblazer is riding the wave!
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