Antonio Bonina (RO)

A real nightlife entrepreneur, he has been active in the world of clubs for over 20 years. He began his career on the radio in 1992, surrounded by tapes and vinyl records, and the transition to the console of a club is natural. It is the 90s, the years of dance/eurodance, but Antonio immediately stands out for a music selection that makes us understand what will be his true love: Tech-House. Resident DJ of the most important clubs on the Tyrrhenian coast, today he is the artistic director of “COCONUT DISCOTECA”, a well-known club in Capo d'Orlando that has been open since 1993. Here he created the so- called “WHITE ZONE”, which was simply the name he gave to the secondary dancefloor of COCONUT, dedicated to the most sought-after electronic sounds. Within a few years, the WHITE ZONE became COCONUT’s distinctive mark and flagship and now Antonio carries it around for different clubs as a style of doing this work. He was one of the founders of “KAT DISCOCLUB” in Capo d’Orlando, opened only in winter from 2012 to 2017, point of reference of the nightlife throughout the province of Messina. He shared the console with important artists of the international tech-house scene: Nastia, Deborah De Luca, Anfisa Letyago, DJ Ralf, Luca Agnelli, Claudio Coccoluto, Anna Tur, Silvie Loto, Emanuele Inglese, ASAL, Joe T Vannelli, Ema Stockolma, Elena Pavla, Tini Gessler, Chelina Manuhutu, Ingrid just to name a few. He is currently working on several international projects, including the creation of a musical label. He is always in contact with the most important European DJ agencies and besides working as a DJ he deals with the organization of big events.
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