Born in Yokohama, Anri’s childhood was surrounded with the booming hiphop scene that resides within her home town. It was only until a trip to Tokyo with a friend, whilst underage, did Anri hear her first taste of underground dance music. After that one night she has never looked back. Being heavily inspired by many local dj’s, Anri moved out of Yokohama several years later, to the Techno capital of Japan, Tokyo. Securing her first gig in 2003 at club in Tokyo, it wasn’t long before her ear for upfront music and superbly tight skills were in demand around the country. She quickly found her sonic niche, concise incorporation of a broad spectrum of electronic genres, from Deep House to Techno. For the past decade, Anri’s artist profile outgrew her home country, performing at festivals and club nights around the globe. From north to south, Madrid to Australia, Anri has performed at a wide variety of world-renowned environments, from Mt Fuji, to Nagisa (Osaka), to the Australian outback for Rainbow Serpent2011,2012(Melbourne) & Winter Solstice (Cairns) &Eclipse Festival (Cairns) and several club nights in Amsterdam.
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