Annelise Hewitt Hewie-Lewis ()

Annelise is a Nigerian-Ukrainian-American visual artist active since 2008 in the United States and The Netherlands. She creates all work by hand with paper and acrylic medium adhesive. Sustainability is a key concern, and is reflected through the use of discarded or unwanted books and magazines and recycled paper materials. Her goal through her work is to abstract identifiable images into challenging visual experiences. Hewitt-Hewie-Lewis is currently exploring the illusion of 3-dimensionality on a 2-dimensional surface which will be on view in various exhibitions in the USA and The Netherlands this year. We can reflect on protest and social activism through audio and visual records, such as music and photography. But, unfortunately, sometimes these audio and visual recordings are tucked away on shelves, where they are hidden from our frames of consciousness, and can be forgotten. So, to give new life and tribute to these moments of activism and protest, Annelise will make some of these moments a part of our every day lives through visual art. Using recycled paper and pages from discarded books containing photographic images of moments of social activism, we can create works of art to remind ourselves of the achievements that are possible through protest, social activism, and community building.
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