Anna of the North (NO)

Anna Lotterud, who performs under the stage name Anna of the North, is a singer-songwriter and musician from Gjøvik in Norway. Her music has been regarded as a culmination of dream pop and electropop. During her studies in Melbourne, Australia, Anna met New Zealand-born producer Brady Daniell-Smith at one of his shows and together formed Anna Of The North, with Anna doing the vocals and Brady producing the melodies. In June 2014 Anna Of The North released her EP Sway, which became an immediate internet hit and landed her record deals with +1 Record/Honeymoon in the US and Different Recordings in the UK. In September 2014, The Chainsmokers, a popular DJ duo, made a remix of her EP Sway. She followed up the song with "The Dreamer" and "Baby", hitting the top in Hype Machine and later gaining a show with Liss from Moth Club. In August 2016, she released the song "Us". In January 2017, Anna released her latest song "Oslo", which garnered many praise from critics.
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