Andrea van de Graaf (NL)

Under the wings of the Dutch municipality Haarlemmermeer Andrea van de Graaf started her own energy company with the goal to green the local energy consumption. Tegenstroom now provides customers with the greenest electricity in the Netherlands and sets up many projects to realize 100% green energy in Haarlemmermeer. Since Tegenstroom is based in the home-town of dance festival Mysteryland, solar power this three day dance festival was a challenging ambition. With success: the 2018 edition was powered for nearly 25% with solar energy from a neighbouring barn, next year they work to realize 85%. Andrea started her career back in 1994 at Greenpeace. In 2002 she jumped from non profit to profit and brought her environmental experience into practice in the commercial business helping company’s to green their business. Beside Tegenstroom she also runs a local green investment platform: Meermaker. She co-invests in green projects that are promising but risky. Her investment (max 40%) can seduce traditional investors to join and together push innovation.
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