Andrea Parker (GB)

This all started out as an experiment back in the day, using only sound effects records, on three turntables to make one track. This got her the job djing to script in a cinema, to an Arthur c Clarke film. After this she became resident at the legendary techno club Lost, and also at Megotripolis ; but it was the high sales of her mix for K7's DJ Kicks series that Parkers reputation as a DJ was confirmed. The album showcases the depth of her musical taste fusing hip hop pioneers like Dr Octagon with cutting edge electronic artists Gescom. Other artists on the mix included Man Parrish, Afrika Bambaata and the Soul Sonic Force, Model 500, Drexciya, 69 and Dopplereffekt. Since then her eclectic sets have taken her djing all around the world, probably because she’s so versatile ; playing dark sets in dingy warehouses one minute, to more experimental sets on stage with an orchestra.
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