Ambush (US)

Being a collector of music since the age of 14, DJ Ambush has always had a devout interest in making people dance, starting out rocking the high school and basement parties. Ambush was the cat with the pre-made cassette mixes and was amazed and excited to see his audiences react to his selections. Soon thereafter, Ambush acquired his first set of turntables, and started getting booked for parties, the rest is history. Ambush’s love for music and Dj’ing as taken him up and through the east coast as and inspired him to launch a "Local 2 1 Live". Local 2-1-Live is a tight nit DJ collective focused breaking the negative stigmas associated with recent boom in fly by night Dj's. With over 15yrs of experience in nightclubs, retail locations, and weddings coupled a rich knowledge of music history Ambush is the perfect Dj for any occasion. In a time when DJ's come a dime a dozen, I was faced with the obstacle of seperating myself from the pack. And thru years of trial and error, I've come to find that the best way to do that is constistency. Stick to the script and give the people what they want. If a DJ doesn't have your song thats his/her fault, if the party is wack the DJ sucks! Consistency doesn't mean playing the same records each week. But it does mean giving a quality performance everytime you pick up the headphones.
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