Genre's: Techno, Psy Tech, Ghetto, Dark Minimal, Dark Indie dance, Melodic//Koh Phangan & Singapore Based

ΛM (aka Aaron Michael) is a rising figure in the techno music scene. An enthusiastic nomad from the Philippines and Singapore who, after 5 years of military life, has made it his mission to convey, through music, the emotions and experiences that have connected him to other individual lives.

In Taiwan, he discovered his love for techno while exploring the wide-ranging and vibrant underground music scene. Over the years he became fascinated with the darker minimal sound, ghetto tech, and the more emotional melodic and ambient sounds.

From playing techno at after parties in Singapore, he progressed to gigs in clubs like Tempura Oji and Monarchy, and later at more events as part of the Singapore KRATE crew. In 2021, he made his way to Ibiza and played at secret villa parties.

While in Europe, he performed along side Erwin Linden for a Krate showcase at the Amsterdam Dance Event 2021.

Back in Asia, he resides and plays at some of the best events and venues in both Singapore (DoMeKinky, Manifest, Krate), in Koh Phangan, Thailand (Lost Paradise, Sabaii Bay Beach club, Oxa, Light House, Barcelona, Alpha Bar, Panorama Bar and Cult) and at Ohm Anjuna in Goa. Sharing the stage with known artists from across the globe like, Citizen Kain, Matchy, Matan Caspi and Stan Kolev.

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