Alex's passion for electronic music started at the age of 18, when he began to attend dance events in Beijing. He was lucky to experience personally the development of the underground electronic music scene in the capital. After ten years of ardent love and diligent involvement as a professional partygoer, in 2014 Alex eventually turned to DJing. In 2015, Alex moved to the Holy Land of dance events: Koh Phangan. He used this opportunity to exchange with European DJs, as he started to move back and forth between China and Thailand. In 2016 and 2017, he organized two Chinese DJs parties in Thailand. As he migrated between the city of steel frames and reinforced concrete, to the island of blue sky and white clouds, from club Lantern in Beijing to Mellow Mountain in Koh Phangan, two widely different environments, Alex designed his own unique style between deep cold Techno and warm Progressive house.
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