Alex TB (BR)

Alex TB got in contact with electronic music very early. When he was a kid, his father who was also a Dj, used to bring home many tapes with house and dance music songs and sessions. All this influences he had in the past, we can see today in his productions. In 1996, he had his first experiences on the turntables, mixing techno at free parties and private parties. In 2000, Alex started his own productions, doing some experiments alone and making some tracks, but was in 2007 that the things really changed to him when he released his first track in the label "Around the World" by Viper XXL. In the same year, he was invited by Buchecha and TRB to start a Brazilian hard techno label, the "Technopride Records". Nowadays, Alex has more than 38 vinyls and numerous digitalreleases released in the best hard techno labels like: Around the World, Cardiac Arrest ,Technopride , Painkiller , Kilfactory , Ich Rieche Blut , Animasola , Cause , Combat Skill , Beast Music , Hardwork , Reconstruction rec , Cannibal Society , Domestic Violence , P-Series .He has a very particular style, and almost all the djs in this genre play his tracks. A combination of nice tracks, and a great technique made the promoters started to pay attention in Alex TB and he was invited to play in big clubs and festivals In Europe and South America.
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