Alex Prooper (NL)

AlexP consists of Alex Prooper (1963) and Simone van Dam (1973). Digital artist Alex Prooper started developing software for all kinds of computer systems over 30 years ago. Simone has studied at the Academy for Visual Arts in Amsterdam and has worked with Alex for the last 15 years. Their work focuses on interaction. From their first interactive installation “Bach in a Cage” in 1999 on, they have made several interactive installations that create confusion and surprise viewers at the same time. AlexP show their work at festivals, art exhibitions and galleries. Amongst others their work was shown in the Kröller Müller museum, The Youth Film Festival in Belgium and their interactive videomapping “Crowd” was awarded the audience award at Beamlab Open Air at the Amsterdam Light Festival last year. For more information visit www.alexp.nl .
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