Alex Neri (IT)

ALEX NERI started his career just thirteen, playing music in his father’s club. Afterwards, he gained respect througout Tuscany and , in the early 90’s, established his name in Penelope Meanwhile, he produced his own records with Marco Baroni. Many productions born, such as Korda, “Move your body” and the project Kamasutra which soon became an acclaimed reality. Kamasutra is not only a pure source of house and rare grooves, but an experimentation and evolution of a very innovative style, out of any scheme, which greatly combines different sounds, from funk through hip hop, new wave, elettronic to house. The tracks that better explains the spirit of Kamasutra are “Running Away”, “Nightwalk” and “Love me or leave me” feat. Kym Mazelle. Follows “Alex Neri – Planet Funk” vol° 1, where the typicals of Kamasutra reaches their highest expression. The productions cross each other with remixes for artists like Club Freaks, Annette Taylor, Future Forces, Instant Funk and Jestofunk.
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