Alex Hent (NL)


Alex Hent is a long time electronic music enthusiast who’s musical knowledge spans several decades. He got his first taste for DJing whilst playing at a student disco many many years ago. He rediscovered the art after applying for a course at DJ School Amsterdam and things took off from there. Alex finds inspiration in various music genres and musical eras. He has been mostly influenced by an eclectic blend of alternative rock and electronic music but also early ‘00s techno. Alex loves to play groovy progressive and deep melodic techno…anything with a groove really..

Alex organizes and plays at small private events. Earlier this year he joined up with Kristiaan Kiwitz and Thom David to host a new show at AMW.FM called Trinamic which is dedicated to deep progressive techno with a twist of electro. Alex recently moved to London and is exploring the London music scene where he hopes to continue what he started in Amsterdam.

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