Alex Greed (DE)

More than 10 years Alex Greed is a synonym for creative and powerfull artworks. The ascending guy from Herne also is known as an act for authentic sounds in his own productions. Minted to his charisma and blasting performance sets the clubmusic onto another level. On his way as a dj and producer Alex Greed is touring through an awesome world of locations in Germany. Known from Tours like "Club Temptation 2010", Alex started his Mixshow called "Temptation Mixshow" in December of 2010. First of all his way is stamped by stressful events like a birthday or "Abitur"-Partys, which only gaves a tight calendar, but no really chance to go around. The key for his success is to perfect the artwork by using traditional tools like turntable or a number of 3 CDJ-Player for those creative vibes he is known for.
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