Albert van Abbe (NL)

Artist & Speaker
Hidden away from the big European techno hubs, and being quite happy with that, he feels that he can create original output. Being active in the underground arts scene since 2001, van Abbe has steadily been making name for himself. This led him to start his own label No Comment in 2010. No Comment is a platform releasing a strain of quality releases including collaborations with artists like Convextion, Sleeparchive and Gerald Donald. Van Abbe's main focus alongside the label is performing live. He has been crafting and presenting his live performances worldwide under different monikers since 2002. Uncompromising, visceral and melancholic are words that come to mind while experiencing his performances and listing to his records, reviewers often characterize van Abbe's works as ''floating in between Drexciyan wave and Raster Noton bleep''. Next to the live performances, his lustful collection of vinyl is rapidly growing as well. The best way to learn about Albert's love for deeper dance music is to hear him DJ. His long sets at his own intimate Drum events for example, communicate his warm relationship with the sound he loves so much.
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