Alan Luna (NL)

Alan Luna was born in Haarlem, The Netherlands, in 1974. His intense love for house-music started right at the end of the eighties when he produced his first ever mix-tapes packed with the coolest US House sounds. The funny thing was that he put this tape together with two old tape decks and two screwdrivers and not with 2 turntables! After getting this first taste of mixing his music, he started playing for friends and family. In 1994 he started playing small parties and started to really move the crowds. Because of his eclectic but distinctively intensely pure style he instantly became popular with the more knowledgeable Amsterdam crowds. In 1999 he founded the party organization Choque, together with San Proper. They had their residency at club [undefined=undefined], Amsterdam for over 2 years. Later they started throwing parties in different locations and this is something Choque still does today! In 2000 he was asked to play at Supperclub where he still plays a lot. He now also has a residency at the Supperclub cruise. He really loves playing there because he can play all the different styles of music he loves... In 2003 he also became involved in mixing and compiling the highly acclaimed Supperclub albums. In that same year he remixed Water feat. Stefania - A Ra (Alan Luna Remix) for the Supperclub presents rome album. In 2005 he produced Tevlon - 'Mi Propria Vida' and 'The Problem' together with Mark den Hartog @ Zownd. These tracks feature on Supperclub presents 'One World' and Supperclub presents 'The End'. For over 10 years Alan Luna has been doing what he loves to do best and it surely paid of; people book him worldwide and are always satisfied. This is why he played events like HQ, Melkweg, Dance Valley, Impulz and 4 Elements, venues like Paradiso and Melkweg and cities like Tel Aviv, Rome, Montpellier, Moskou, Koln, Antwerp and many, many more....
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