Airod (FR)

AIROD is a Parisian Producer & DJ with a passion for hard, dark Techno. He's been making an impact on the techno underground with releases through French label Molekül (in particular with his track "Universe Of 90's Techno Parties") and the Irish crew Grounded who took him to play in many clubs alongside illustrious producers such as I Hate Models, CJ Bolland, D.A.V.E The Drummer, Miss Djax, D.Carbone, Chris Liberator and many more... Now playing across Europe (France, England, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium and more..) he played in mythical places such as Suicide Circus in Berlin, at the Steelyard in London and at the Transport in Rotterdam. He continually found new inspirations from different artists across a range of genres, resulting in an urge to experiment making music of his own. Through his productions and sets, he gives birth to à dark and wild atmosphere that unleashes ravers. Seeking to stir up emotions above all, his hypnotical and energetic universe doesn’t let many other choices than letting yourself get carried away by the strength of his kick.
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