AfroTura (NL)

AfroTura came into being as KID D and Kishjugooa found themselves in the same lanes of creativity. They met during their days as drummers, and easily found friendship in the fact that their outlook on music was really similar. At the time of their meeting, Kishan was already an established DJ, and had already found his own sound. KID D soon followed in his steps, and the two set forth on their own journey. But their passion for music was so strong that the two felt that by combining their efforts they can maximize their impact. And that is how AfroTura got born. Music has always been a part of their life, and with this new found chemistry of this dynamic duo, it is safe to assume that they will create new and exciting music. SUPPORTED BY: -ChildsPlay -Kid Q -CinCity -Johhny 500 -Fabrie & Paolo Converse -Nicky Bizzle -Hato -The KIDDO -Raul Alexandre -Jay Da Silva -E-Sonic -Young Barra -BadGuyz -Moody Alexandre (portugal)
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Previous editions –
    2018, 2017 & 2016

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