Aaron Bessemer (IT)

Italian Aaron Bessemer has come up through the ranks the old school way. He started out on his path aged just thirteen, when he began playing local Naples parties as soon as he could reach the decks. Initially passionate about house, he began turning heads with his fine selections and great skills and by 2005 had progressed to making his own beats. Having fully learnt the ropes of the dance floor and with a fine understanding of what gets people dancing, he turned to tougher techno sounds from the underground and immediately impressed. Mentored by Markantonio, Aaron’s music has come on MKT Rec and Analytic Trail in the form of many compelling originals and remixes. His well produced techno sounds veer from warm and hypnotic to more dark and abstract and have climbed into the Beatport Top 100 Techno release before now. His most recent work includes the fine four track Curly Blonde EP and was followed by a killer track ‘Zaro’ on a new compilation by Analytical Trail. In 2016 Aaron has been busy with different releases like singles, ep and remixes for the two Neapolitan labels Loose rec and Analytictrail putting out an EP in collaboration with Lerio Corrado, two singles respectively called Carbon (Loose rec) and Nina (Analytictrail) as well as different kind of remix, including that for Audiomatiques and The Reactivitz. To date he has won support and picked up plays from the likes of esteemed tastemaking DJs Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Ida Engberg, Paul Ritch, Julian Jeweil and Bart Skills. As a DJ he is able to switch up the vibe according to the mood on the night and can offer up physical, late night sounds tracks or more thoughtful sets alike. He has done so over the years at the infamous International Talent events in Naples that see him play in great locations like Old River Park, Dolce Vita Salerno and Arenile Reload. He has also recently found a second home on Rino Cerrone and Mario Manganelli's Unrilis and Loose Records labels, where he makes up part of the A&R team alongside the likes of Audiomatiques and Luigi Madonna. As such Aaron is a true pillar of his native scene, and is now making a bigger mark on the wider world. If you are already in Amsterdam on Tuesday 18th of October 2016, then take your opportunity to see Aaron Bessemer playing in Sugarfactory at the Famous “Techno Tuesday Amsterdam”, winning concept of the prestigious Golden Gnome Award for “Best Club Night 2016”. This night Techno Tuesday is presenting: 10 Year Anniversary of Loose Records & Unrilis. Performing artists: Roberto Capuano, Audiomatiques, Aaron Bessemer, Dexon, Mars Bill. The night will be filmed by DanceTrippin.tv
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