A.M. Project (GB)

Since both being raised together on the island from an early age unsurprisingly Jai and Harvey were influenced by and developed a common passion for dance music and the culture/scene surrounding it. “We’ve been going to clubs from about 15-16 years old and been surrounded by dance music from even younger so it was almost inevitable that we’d fall for it in some way.” Hosting their own summer residency on the island under their “Noisy Neighbours” imprint the boys gained recognition for their sets at the free event showcasing their style of underground music alongside fellow young Ibiza talents. After an amazing debut year on the island, we are very happy to announce our return for another season, this time at B12. “Signs of a small but active ‘underground’ music and party scene amongst the youth of Ibiza, in particular, the "Noisy Neighbours" sound system who play and produce great music to people who really get it.” - Dave Browning, Game Over & One Night Stand
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