8Bahn Dynasty (NL)

As owners of the Dutch underground electronic music concept 8Bahn they organize club nights and festivals in the eastern part of Holland. Although the target audiences for underground music in those areas are way smaller than those of the bigger urban areas in the rest of Europe, 8Bahn performs very well, more than seven years now. If you put so much afford in organizing such underground events as 8Bahn does, you’ll get addicted in finding interesting festival spots, artists and music. Music is the main reason for starting 8Bahn and while developing this 8Bahn thing as a brand, all three guys did the same with their DJ career. In a short time Patski, Armin and Lé-fì were well known in Holland as dance floor entrepreneurs. Their true house/techno sound also attracted Belgium, Portugal, Germany and Norway to get them over for a proper DJ gig. 8Bahn Dynasty stands for DJ sets with a wide variety of electronic music. Do not expect three laptops all synced-up-and-nowhere-to-go, but expect overloaded recordbags with the finest gems and violent dancefloorkillers. Welcome in the world of 8Bahn.
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