2 Man en 1 Paardenkop (NL)

Once upon a time there were two men, crazy about music and mad about partying. Their preference for disco, techhouse and other thrilling mindblowers called for a stage. And so it happened. During one of the first performances of Bob en Frank, the head of a horse emerged in the audience, which evolved into scenes of epic proportions. Ever since that night, the presence of this DJ-duo is a guarantee for a mad house. So.. if you encounter the horse's head you know what you're up for. Long story short, partying like animals gone wild on cloud nine, pumping discotech with a hinch of nostalgia, that's 2 Man en 1 Paardenkop for ya. They performed at well known Dutch festivals from Valtifest and Bungalup to Awakenings Festival, VRIJ and Dagverblijf. After all, they weren't nominated for a Gouden Kabouter for Best DJ duo in 2013 for nothing! The one and only reason why they didn't win the award, is because the horse didn't fit on the awards show stage. Oh, well. ;) Enough said, let the music speak for itself, check out their Soundcloud if you want more. 2 Man en 1 Paardenkop is looking forward to see you on the dance floor at Amsterdam Dance Event!
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