Soul Button

Soul Button

Since giving birth to Steyoyoke a little over 3 years ago, Soul Button has spent a lot of quality time breathing life into this label. As the heart and soul of Steyoyoke, his producing skills make him a pioneer and an innovator of sound. Free from conformity, he is consistently exploring new ideas and expanding his own personal projects. As an artist in today's industry, it’s safe to say that both his music and persona go totally against the grain.

Soul Button keeps his followers close to his heart and maintains a strong relationship with them at all times. His music is real, honest and genuine and it’s often the love he has for his supporters that feeds his creative inspiration.

His production style is unique and carries a signature quality, which enhances his sound and makes him stand out from the crowd. Soul Button’s musical groove sits neatly in the pocket of deep house and merges on the outskirts of melodic techno.

Having now cemented himself firmly in the scene, his international exposure has sky rocketed and he's now touring on a regular basis, as well consistently releasing new work. ‘Shadows’ was his first EP for Steyoyoke way back in 2012, ‘In My Stride’ is definitely worth a mention as it still receives attention, ‘Play Again’ was another massive EP and more recently, ‘Swift Minds’, which has gained recognition from many high profile artists. ‘Inner Symphony’ happens to be his latest personal project, which has gained many followers since it started in 2014.

With his sights set well into the future, Soul Button is focused on the continual growth and development of Steyoyoke and, with a mid year tour of America already booked in 2015, is already shaping up just nicely.
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