I thought it was time
For biography in rhyme Since these things are boring And it saves writing lines My moniker is ‘Mason’
I hail from Amsterdam Making block ro
ckin’ records At least that’s the plan!
I’ve had hits on the airwaves On Beatport charts too
I just make the music
That feels right to do
My next few releases Come on labels far and wide Like the label called ‘Island’ Where pop legends reside Defected and LouLou
Are also on hand
And Kittball as well
From Germany land
In the past there’ve been tracks With the famous and new From the lovely Roisin Murphy Run DMC too
The imprint I founded Called Animal Language Makes records and parties
In a musical sandwich
Two albums released ‘They Are Among Us’ and ‘ZOA’ Getting plaudits and props From London to Goa
I love to play out
In clubs and on stages Don’t want to play fodder Just to pick up some wages My sound is diverse
I’ll spin vocals and beats From disco to tech
And filthy funk treats
So expect the unexpected When I head to your town The reason I’m here
To make you dance like a clown
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