Anett Kulcsar AKA Dansor is a woman on the rise. Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, she moved to the Netherlands in 1997 - a switch that would play a significant role in intensifying her relationship with all things house and techno. A multifaceted DJ, producer, live act and visual designer, Dansor is also the brains behind the burgeoning Comport Records, an independent label that’s making quite the name for itself in underground circles.

Dansor’s story started back in Budapest in the 1990s, a time when her native country was just free from communist rule. It was a period of dramatic cultural change, with Dansor soon becoming enthralled by foreign synth-pop acts a la Duran Duran and Depeche Mode. The visit of Kraftwerk to the city in 1991 epitomised the social shift, while a sprightly Dansor – at merely thirteen years old – left the historic concert captivated by a sound that would come to define her later life.

With Hungary’s ‘underground’ gathering pace years later, Dansor threw herself into the scene, with electronic acts such as Art Of Noise, Leftfield, Front 242 and clubs such as “Feketelyuk” (Black Hole) and “Zöldség-Gyümölcs” (Fruits and Vegetables) all playing a formative role in the honing of her musical inclinations. With Budapest undergoing this cultural renaissance of sorts, acid house parties soon began to spring up across the city (and goa-trance parties around the whole country), both of which proved another rich source of inspiration for the music hungry teenager. But with the country’s economic situation still bleak, she made her way to the Netherlands in search of a new lease of life.

It’s a move that’s paid off handsomely too, and Dansor acquired her first set of decks on Queen’s Day, 1997, for the pricey sum of 1 Guilder. She mastered the art of mixing while Dutch producer Georgio Schultz was pushing her talents in the right direction by installing Cubase on her first - Atari - computer.

Dansor set up her own ‘WomenWaves’ parties in her adopted town of Haarlem soon after, as well as the ‘Budapest Delight’ nights in Amsterdam that she still runs alongside Szilvia Harsz. And having grasped a taste of the DJing experience, she soon found herself yearning for more…

And so it was that the Dansor project was born during the final semester of her Media Technology studies in the ‘00s. A live act that could be controlled without the need to stand behind a laptop, it didn’t immediately set pulses racing -- with even the lady herself admitting that it was way ahead of its time. What it did prove beyond any doubt, however, is that Dansor is a producer not intent on taking the traditional route.

Such avant-garde approaches course throughout her productions too. Unsurprisingly, then, they’ve been picked up by a host of seminal worldly imprints: a collaboration with Medway by ‘Sensei’ and the Canadian ‘Whose Haus’, and her first solo releases by Little Mountain/THIS IS, Nervous and Tulipa.
Her own Comport imprint (the label she helms alongside Soundbalance and Von Smir) has also played host to her intricate sound, a sound that’s incorporated everything from house to techno to dub, jazz/funk, italo disco, new wave and indie over the years -- and one that’s found favour with luminaries of the scene such as Nick Warren, Kolombo, Sander Kleinenberg and Hernan Catteneo amongst others.

With her live set gathering an extra dimension thanks to collaborations with the likes of jazz trumpeter Saskia Laroo, and Comport following a similar trajectory, these are heady times indeed for one of Holland’s most striking electronic music musicians.
‘My aim’ says Dansor, ‘is to combine and apply techniques used in the experimental music/art scene with danceable music.’ It’s an aim that she’s become increasingly adept at too, and hers is a story that’s littered with accolades. Did you know, for instance, that she was a former winner of Pete Tong’s Bedroom Bedlam and Dave Clarke’s ADE Demolition panel? Or that she was a finalist in the Dutch TWSTd DJ contest and a guest at the First International Conference for Digital Art in London? Not to mention all the previously mentioned achievements. Dansor, then, is a musician of undoubted repute. The good news is that she’s got plenty more in the tank yet…
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