You can either dream big, or have the courage, determination and tenacity to make them real. Electronic music producer 32Stitches chose the latter, moving the world one beat at a time. With two qualifications in Audio Engineering and successful releases like ‘Last Time’, ‘Roadrunner’ and ‘Vohwala’, he’s ever exploring the endless possibilities of music production. Three years into a fulltime career in music, and he’s already outgrown the rookie status. For 32Stitches, time is now – and it’s all happening at a welcoming speed.

Having mastered the art of numerous genres, his latest track is driven by melody - a remix of Lies by Tom & Hills released on Universal Music. He has also been released on Sony Music’s The Groove Society, where his track "Last Time" snatched up a #43 spot on Beatport’s Prog-House charts - a sign that tells us of a great and promising future for the man behind it. Sit tight, for 32Stitches dreams big – and makes them happen.

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