Nick Verstand

Nick Verstand

Nick’s work is rooted in a wide variety of artistic media, bringing together artists from different disciplines, university labs and the technology industry to realise the artistic vision of his projects. He is currently focused on developing interactive installations and composing music, projects that received international media coverage on platforms like The Creators Project and TEDx.

His latest interactive installation ‘ANIMA’, supported by the AFK and Microsoft, has been exhibited at Amsterdam Dance Event, Lehrter Siebzehn Gallery (Berlin), TEDxDelft and is scheduled to be shown at the Van Gogh Museum and the next edition of SXSW (USA).

Verstand’s work researches and investigates consciousness and our perception of reality through technology. He accomplishes this by creating interactive experiences in immersive transformational spaces operating on the cross-section of art & science together with a multi-disciplinary team. His installations bring people together by creating approachable environments that inspire curious exploration and social interaction.

Commissioned by Detroit Swindle he created the concept for K.A.T. (Kinesis & Audio Translator). This project is a real-time generative visual counterpart to the live show of Detroit Swindle. Each instrument and musical element is visualised in real-time, while simultaneously interacting with the artists’ movements on stage.

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