THE OTHER SIDE nestled amidst Amsterdam's historic Houthavens embodies artistic evolution, creativity, and self-expression.

Our club is among the select venues globally that boast revolutionary L-ISA immersive sound technology from L-Acoustics. The main room, with a capacity to accommodate 900 enthusiasts, is equipped with a state-of-the-art 14.1.5 L-Acoustics sound system that surrounds the audience, offering listeners unparalleled clarity, a natural auditory experience, and an expansive sound panorama.

Doeshka Vrede and Jasper Lowik, the visionaries behind The Other Side, envisioned a space beyond just music. With L-ISA, this venue will not only amplify sound. Their sanctuary nurtures artists and visitors, aligning with nature's rhythms, inviting everyone to resonate with their authentic selves.

Whether your heart beats to singing, writing, dancing, or the simple joys of community, aligning with your intrinsic rhythm is transformative. So, don’t waste your time living anyone else’s rhythm. Find yours. And release it.

We’ll be on your side


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