Being musicians at heart we know life isn’t about moving an audience.Setting a tone. Or striking the right note.It’s about discovering who you truly are.And dare to share this with the rest of the world.We are The Other Side.An Amsterdam-based music label, agency, and stagethat grows artists, creates art and stimulates self-expression.And above all, empowers people to be their happiest, true, and best selves.To make this happen we use the value of living by the rhythms and cycles of nature.In this modern world though, many of us are distracted by the artificial rhythms of life.It’s our mission to help them find and release their natural, personal beat.A beat that will bring them perfectly in sync with the essence of being.Whether you like to sing, write, dance or spend time with friends.Being in tune with your natural rhythm fires you up, opens your world,and inspires you to express your individuality.So, don’t waste your time living anyone else’s rhythm.Find yours. And release it.We’ll be on your side. THE OTHER SIDE Moved by rhythms

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