The Bas[s]ment

The Bas[s]ment:

The Bas[s]ment is there for te love of techno.
Dj's, labels, Producers, live gigs they are all more then welcome to play at the Bas[s]ment.

The Bas[s]ment is a industrial location with a club-like atmosphere dedicated to streaming.

Lights, Lasers, smoke and stunning visuals in the background and a professional soundsystem are installed to ensure the best experience for those who play at the bas[s]ment.

All is captured with a 3 camera setup in full HD (1080x1920) with excellent audio.

It is possible to live stream directly to several platforms at the same time.
Mix-cloud, facebook live, You-tube, Twitch ...or the set can be recorded and broadcast on a later date.
Did you know the bas[s]ment is free to use and always will be, its there for the love of music !! We will
ask for a active attitude towards endorsing the bas[s]ment en reposting at least your own performance.

Lets make this big !!

All sets will be aired live or broadcast through 1 of the channels that is available thru the bas[s]ment .

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