The OT301 is the building of the old Amsterdam Film Academy. It was squatted over 20 years ago and been transformed into a autonomous platform for fine arts and visual arts. The studios on the ground floor are very often the arena for great performances, concerts and cutting edge electronic music. Styles vary from techno to electro, to bass, acid, dubstep, drum & bass, house, wave, disco, tropical and other adventurous new genres. Where the OT301 is mostly the place to discover new and upcoming talents we also book bigger infuencial artists sometimes just because we love their sounds. In the past we had for example performances by Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Roska, Marcell Dettman, Detroit Grand Pubahs, DMX Crew, Joe Nice and many many more. Some people say ‘the OT301 is not a venue, it’s an experience’. Come and check it out yourself.

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