Faralda Crane Hotel

CRANE HOTEL FARALDA ***** One of the most unique hotel experiences in the world you can find. Crane Hotel Faralda is one of the Secret hot spots in Amsterdam.

The Crane is a 50 meters high monumental building.
Two panorama elevators provide access right into the 3 design suites, the studio and the spa pool on top deck.

Crane Hotel Faralda is situated on the banks of the river IJ and directly opposite the centre of Amsterdam. The view from each space is phenomenal.

According to international press, Crane Hotel Faralda is one of the most romantic and inspiring places to stay.

"Crane Hotel Faralda, for Creative and Passionate Free Spirits…."

From 2011 it took 6 years to restore and redevelop this former piece of crap into 5 star hotel. The crane development has been a multimillion- devouring project. The monumental landmark is famous due to the tremendous and expensive restoration project, the contemporary design and the amazing construction. The crane still turns in the wind. Nowadays the production cost per suite are by far the most expensive in the Netherlands.

Crane Hotel Faralda is an iconic and a world famous landmark in the middle of the well known NDSM quarter, the creative and innovative hub of art, culture and business. The wharf is still a rough and inspiring place with many popular restaurants.

The controversial design of the new parts and the whole restoration project has been internationally recognized. Since our brief existence we have been honoured with prestigious international awards and prizes.

The Crane is now a famous and one of the most published and recognized project.

“One of the things you have to do before you die.”

Our guests are creative and passionate free spirits. Many famous or less famous have gone before.
"What happens in the Crane stays in the Crane…"

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