an eclectic experience to be enjoyed above and below deck.
The restaurant and art space co-exist on a ship anchored in the harbour 'Kaap de Groene
Hoop' in Noord, a stone’s throw from NDSM. From the unique design of the floating
restaurant to the thought-provoking exhibitions curated, every aspect is carefully
Designed by zU-studio architecture and developed by Kaap de Groene Hoop, Contrast is
built on an old Dortmunder ship and is a unique combination of abstract elegant
geometry and raw, industrial materials. The interior design of the upper level, where the
restaurant is located, draws inspiration from Richard Serra’s sculpture at the
Museumplein (Amsterdam), and the interconnected spaces open onto the river IJ, with a
view across the harbour and the city beyond.
The menu is founded on responsibly sourced ingredients; driven by nature and shaped
by the seasons. Chef Iñaki Bolumburu combines local produce with the rich flavours of
Basque country, translating the traditions of his homeland into a modern, 8 step menu.

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