Nyx was the Greek goddess of the night, the daughter of Chaos. She would soar through the sky in her horse-drawn carriage, spreading a blanket of night behind her as she went, veiling the earth in darkness. According to myth she mothered several children, like Hemera (day), Oneiroi (dreams) and Philotes (friendship). All in all, the name NYX fits both the venue (the building was built as a carriage house originally) as the nightclub perfectly.

The club consists of three floors, each floor offering a different style of music, which gives one the opportunity to experience several atmospheres during one night. NYX’s most important goal is to provide an experience that revolves around having fun. Because after all, that is what clubbing is about: drinking, dancing and laughing. This is reflected in all aspects: the music; the entertainment; the décor; the staff; and the guests. No pretention, no attitudes. Another aspect this is reflected in is our door policy. NYX is a melting pot of likeminded, multiminded people; people who are out to have a good time, to enjoy themselves and enjoy each other.

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