Brainstorm: How Can the Dutch Music Community Help Address the Climate Crisis?

ADE Green - Frederike Berendsen (Singer, Songwriter, FRÉ), Matthea de Jong (Director, Tolhuistuin), Mitchell Van Dooijeweerd (Sustainability Manager, Revolution Foundation), Fay Milton (Music Declares Emergency)

Traditionally, festivals and pop venues have been the place for progressive ideas and ideals, and thus have been an essential factor in social change throughout history. What is the music industry's role in the climate crisis? In what ways can festivals, venues and artists engage audiences on this issue in 2023?

Are you a festival organiser, artist, label manager or creative from the music industry in The Netherlands and up for some real change? Join this brainstorm together with Mitchell van Dooijeweerd (DGTL) and Frederike Berendsen (Music Declares Emergency NL), moderated by Matthea de Jong (We Are Warming Up).

The climate crisis is here and now. Consequences are already being felt and will get worse in the future, but they are also partly avertable. An increasing number of artists is speaking out against climate change: Billie Eilish is organising a climate event, Coldplay is touring carbon-neutral, and in the Netherlands too, more and more key players are dedicating themselves to change. But how? What are the challenges? What role can, and should, we play?

Now that we are experiencing the effects of climate change, it's time for a big brainstorm. Let's find out together: how can we use our platforms to engage the audience in the biggest challenge of our generation?

This brainstorm is initiated by Warming Up & Music Declares Emergency and supported by ADE Green.

Join us!

Are you a festival organiser, artist, label manager or creative from the music industry in The Netherlands and up for some real change? Join this brainstorm: sign up here.

You need an ADE Green Pass or ADE Pro Pass and to access the brainstorm room. This brainstorm is scheduled before the ADE Green Conference together with some other closed industry meetings in the morning.

About Warming Up

Warming Up is a project in collaboration with Impact Makers to involve more people in the climate issue through media and art.

About Music Declares Emergency

Music Declares Emergency is a group of artists, music industry professionals and organisations that stand together to declare a climate and ecological emergency and call for an immediate governmental response to protect all life on Earth. We believe in the power of music to promote the cultural change needed to create a better future.

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