24classics presents: 3VIOLAS x Vincent Rang

24classics presents: 3VIOLAS x Vincent Rang

24classics is a classical music discovery service. By seeking new alliances and breaking boundaries and we are making classical music new. For ADE we have combined two different worlds in the iconic central building of the Zuiderkerk. The collaboration between 3VIOLAS and Vincent Rang will take you into a mesmerizing hypnotic world.

In this new audio-visual alliance the boundaries of minimal music, nature and art will be pushed. They combine, get ready for it, sounds from a live tree composed into a minimal music piece for 3 violas with a scenography by Vincent Rang. His slowly evolving underwater landscapes, created in an aquarium, will take you into a different world. The result will be a unique experience in which many worlds collide.


Vincent Rang
(1989) is an experimental visual artist working primarily with moving image as a medium. He believes in the power of moving image and audio as a door into another world. He explores themes of scale, time experience, natural patters and symbiosis with audio.

His gaze is often directed towards the natural dances of life. He observes, captures and re-arranges these various patterns, from wind patterns, water currents, blooming flowers, landscapes and rock formations, to create abstract audio-visual experiences, offering the viewer enough space to find their own truth and interpretation in the work, and most importantly, to feel them.

His latest ongoing project ‘Pillars Of Creation’ focuses around a water-filled aquarium in which he creates a live choreography using various materials such as inks, plants and light, which he captures with a macro camera and then projects it on a large screen, creating mesmerizing larger than life living paintings. This project led to the creating of Home, a live audio-visual show which he performed in Het muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ and the Nxt Museum.


Hessel Moeselaar, Floris Faber & Geerten Feller are 3VIOLAS. An unconventional, dynamic ensemble based in Amsterdam. Influenced and inspired by classical, pop, minimal, electronic, and film music, 3VIOLAS pursues an adventurous path by deconstructing and combining musical genres. Ever since their formation in 2015, 3VIOLAS has increasingly been gaining attention in the Dutch music scene. 3VIOLAS is a regular guest at the Amsterdam Grachtenfestival, Uitmarkt, Ruigklassiek, and The Royal Concertgebouw. In 2019, 3VIOLAS became Artist in Residence at VondelCS in Amsterdam. This is the so-called Media-Culture lab of the AVROTROS. Here they launched a meditative series of concerts called MINDVIOLNESS. 3VIOLAS can also be found more "underground" in musical collaborations with organizations such as Talking Trees and Classical Music Rave. 3VIOLAS creates a unique sound by programming both their own compositions and improvisations and music by other artists and composers.

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