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JSPR & Friends

After their first edition last year it’s time for the second edition of JSPR & Friends. This year they have a bigger show for you at the Lunar Bar in Amsterdam. This year a few rising talents together with established artists are invited in the world of techno. JSPR and Friends will kick off with the one and only Second Mind from Rotterdam. The Second Mind is considered a to be a talented DJ, playing at festivals such as Dockyard. Globurst (LIVE) will take over the honors of the party with a live show. Globurst will be one of the producers to watch for the upcoming years. The talent was shown with his release on Rob Hes’s label Persuit and an upcoming release on JSPR’s label Barbaric. Globurst will enlighten the night with a live show. Next up is the carrot meister Ricardo Carotta. A respected and gracious personality in the Netherlands. Ricardo is always pushing the boundaries in his party’s and in his sound. Neuss is invited for some fine tunes. Hard hitting techno tunes with a lot of fierceness, that’s how you can describe his style. Making his debut is Maharti. Maharti can be described as one of the artists from Belgium that loves the push the boundaries in techno. And that’s why he is welcome at the Lunar Bar. Recently Richie Hawtin discovered the likes of Maharti and let’s put it this way: Rich has every reason to love Maharti’s music. He played at every big festival the Netherlands has to offer and also played all over the globe. He is known for his release on labels such as Drumcode and 100%Pure and also soon on Barbaric. Ladies and gentleman, they would like to present Man With No Shadow. Straight from Berlin, al talented Techno DJ. Currently he is owning the techno charts with his EP on Second State. They are talking about Rocko Garoni. Brace yourself this guy knows how to rave. Camera’s ready, prepare to flash. Then it’s up to Valentinø behind the decks. Valentinø is a talented Techno DJ from Italy. With releases on top labels such as Suara and Eturia this guy knows what techno is. His sound explores dark dimensions and atmospheres laden with energy and forcefulness. If you haven’t heard from Justin Timmers then come to hear him play. He is known for making electrifying connections with the crowd he knows how far he can push the boundaries of his DJ set. Also, Justin will release on JSPR’s label Barbaric. And last but not least is the host of the evening JSPR. Known for his releases, on labels such as Minus, Second State, Elevate and recently started his own imprint Barbaric, and currently touring all over Europe. JSPR is known for pushing the boundaries within techno, so you can expect the sounds of tomorrow
50:HERTZ Techno Cafe Rembrandt Square (Bar Lunar)

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