Vision & Color Music Festival (VAC)

Vision & Color Music Festival (VAC)

VAC represents a mega-brand for electronic music in Wuhan. Vision & Color Music Festival is a large outdoor Electronic Music Festival. It is facing to electronic music lovers globally.

World most popular DJs and top producers will be invited. VAC Infinity is a large indoor Electronic Music Festival. Infinity is celebrated for its own theme and multitudinous types of Music. Also, stylized DJ’s and producers lead the new fashion style for Asia Music Party.

VAC 电音节(Vision & Color Music Festival),是武汉在电音文化上推出的重大品牌, 定位是大型户外电子音乐节,面向全世界的电子音乐爱好者,每场活动都会邀请全世界最顶尖和最流行的 DJ 和制作人,VAC Infinity 定位是大型室内电子音乐派对,派对以鲜明的主题和音乐类型的前瞻性著称,每场活动都会邀请全世界最具风格的 DJ 和制作人,旨在成为引导亚洲音乐潮流风向标的音乐派对。

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