Rough Guide to the ADE Card

Thursday, 08 August 2019
If you want to get the most out of ADE, the ADE Card is a must have. It allows you to get into exclusive events, gives you access to free giveaways and discounts in addition to special extras. First time visitor or regular delegate? Here's everything you need to know about the ADE Card.

About ADE

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is both a music conference and festival and is widely recognized as the global meeting point for the creative industry around electronic music. ADE consists of a ADE by Day (conference & festival) and ADE by Night (festival) program, with more than 1000 events in nearly 200 locations. Which basically means that the city of Amsterdam breathes electronic music for five days and nights.

Access to daytime ADE events all over Amsterdam

The ADE by Day program celebrates the best in electronic music culture with art, film, gear demonstrations, live music, photography and technology events all over Amsterdam.

The Festival Hangout at De Brakke Grond takes centre stage in the ADE by Day program with the multi-day ADE Sound Lab program, which features the latest in sound and technology.
Get up close with your favorite artists in MusicTalks, gear demonstrations or Studio XL Sessions, and get feedback on your music during demo pitches, workshops and masterclasses. ADE Beamlab highlights the best visual technologies and high-end stage design.

If you're not planning on buying an ADE Pass or ADE Conference Pass you can purchase the ADE Card to get access to most of these events. When it comes to ADE By Day, the ADE Card grants free entrance to, among others, selected talks and workshops. For example, cardholders get free access to Moog Music’s space at ADE Sound Lab to get hands-on, and explore their synthesized world with their new equipment, engaging with their synthesizer specialists and factory engineers with masterclasses.

Also, it grants visitors free entry to the complete ADE Film program and the ADE Festival Hangout.

- andaz hier noemen?

Discount on selected ADE merchandise gear and tickets

As with previous years, ADE cardholders will get free drinks at certain events and openings. In addition there are also assorted giveaways and discounts, exclusive to those with the ADE card.

The ADE Card costs only € 17,-

Last but not least, the threshold to purchase the ADE card is not high due to the low pricing. Don't miss the opportunity to get all these extra benefits on hand that will maximise your ADE experience!

Get the ADE Card