Richie Hawtin and 3LAU on NFTs and its potential for artists

Monday, 12 April 2021
Several panels that formed part of ADE's daytime offer over the last couple of years have dealt with blockchain technology and its potential relevance to the music industry, but this year it finally seems have taken off in a big way with NFTs; Non Fungible Tokens. We feel there's no better way to throw some light on the topic by covering it at our first ADE In Conversation show, a monthly livestreaming series kicking off this Thursday, April 15th - 5 PM CET.

New opportunities for artists: NFTs

Obviously, the re-opening of the live industry is a big item that'll be on everyone's minds over the coming months - more about that tomorrow - but the fact that some artists are making good money out of NFTs these days tells us that it is time to talk about the what’s and the why’s of this emerging technology. We'll also be trying to answer the big question: are NFT’s here to stay?

DJ Mag recently published a very interesting article for those who are new to the topic.

We have invited two experts in the form of Richie Hawtin and 3LAU to share their views. Richie Hawtin is a regular at ADE and is someone who always offers us a glimpse into the future when he speaks. With his recently released ‘Acid Drop’ under the Plastikman moniker, he fully embraces NFT technology. As with his music, he likes to take on experiments, and we are keen to hear what he has been up to in the field of blockchain technology lately.

3LAU is the artist name of Justin Blau, a rarity in the music industry: A successful recording artist, DJ, and producer whose main goal is not fame, but helping others. As a college student, he studied finance, but the promise of a career in business was not for him, so he dropped out to pursue his dream of making music. 3LAU was an early crypto adopter who consistently pushes the limits of what is acceptable in the mainstream - CoinTelegraph recently named him as its 93rd most Notable Person in blockchain for 2021. 3LAU dove headfirst into the world of NFTs last year adding ‘audio/visual artist’ to his list of roles. He has broken several records with his solo NFT drops, and as a part of SSX3LAU, his collaborative project with long-time creative director Slimesunday. 3LAU has been an open advocate for tokenizing music and building the investable layer of music on blockchain technology.

We hope you'll join us this Thursday!

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