ADE Pro 2023: Accessibility Guide for Felix Meritis

Sunday, 01 October 2023
A panoply of the ADE Pro Conference programs will take place in Felix Meritis. This beautiful, historic venue in the heart of Amsterdam can provide challenges for people with disabilities. Therefore, this article entails details about what to expect in terms of the accessibility of this location, as well as how to request additional information and support.

Badge retrieval Westerkerk

All tickets must be validated at the Westerkerk at Prinsengracht 279, 1016 GW Amsterdam – you will receive your badge here. The Westerkerk is 550 meters distance from Felix Meritis. Generally speaking, it is not possible to scan your ticket at Felix Meritis. However, if it is not feasible for you to pick up your badge at the Westerkerk, please notify the organisation via this form and we will do our best to arrange a badge pick-up option for you at the welcome desk of Felix Meritis.

Accessibility Felix Meritis

Adress: Keizersgracht 324, 1016 EZ Amsterdam

Felix Meritis is located on the Keizersgracht. There are several parking garages nearby: Parkeergarage Kalverstraat / Q-Park Europarking / Q-Park de Bijenkorf. Taxi’s can come right up to the front entrance of the location for dropping off. Public transportation offers several options about 500 meters away.

Accessible Entrance Felix Meritis

Guests with a wheelchair can access the building through the main entrance, where a ramp is available to be placed. Our staff knows about this and is happy to place this for you. level entails the reception, restaurant, wheelchair accessible toilet as well as the Concertzaal. From here, two different elevators lead to different rooms upstairs – there’s a lift in the front of the building (leading to levels 2, 6, and 8), and also the back of the building (leading to levels 1, 3, and 5). This information is provided in the elevators as well.

Accessible Programs Felix Meritis

The building has a small number of mezzanine floors and balconies that are not wheelchair accessible. However, the following rooms are wheelchair accessible via the two different elevators in the building:

- Restaurant Felix & Reception
- Zuilenzaal
- Shaffyzaal
- Teekenzaal
- Concertzaal

The Koepelzaal, Sterrenzaal and the balcony of the Shaffyzaal are not accessible via the elevators. Signing is provided on location for routing. If you have any questions about this or need assistance, please contact us using the form on the bottom of this page. If you need assistance or get seated in a place in the front, or side to experience the program fully, please request via the form below.

Are there elevators available?

The venue has an elevator suitable for manual wheelchairs. In case of a larger size wheelchair (e.g. electric), please contact us using the form on the bottom of this page.

Is there additional support during ADE Green 2022?

Our organisation is available to support, please let us know beforehand via the form below. Our hosts can furthermore accompany you to the conference rooms and other places in the venue when needed.

Is there a care and/or low-stimulus rest area where I can retreat for a while?

At Felix Meritis there is unfortunately no low-stimulance rest area available. With your wristband you are able to go outside to take a break and are welcome back to the conference when showing your wristband.

What about toilets Felix Meritis?

Felix Meritis has wheelchair accessible toilets. In Felix Meritis, they are located on floor 0.

Which facilities are available in the conference rooms?

Wheelchair spaces are reserved in each wheelchair-accessible room. All speakers and moderators will be amplified through a surround system, as well as any video or sound bits that are included in presentations. Sign interpreters are only available on request via the form below.

If you have an extra request (e.g. assistance, reserving a chair next to the entrance, providing a barstool, etc.), please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Are you coming to Felix Meritis, and looking for Extra Support for your attendance at the conference? Then contact the team using the button below, they will get back to you as soon as possible with the options.

Request extra support via this form

This factsheet was created in collaboration with Green Events & HandicapNL. Together with festival organizers and other key players, the two organisations are making a serious pledge to each other and taking concrete steps toward accessible and inclusive outdoor music festivals in the Netherlands. By sharing knowledge, creating broader support, and working together in a tangible way. Read more about this collaboration here [Dutch]. If you have any ideas or comments regarding accessibility and ADE, please let us know via [email protected].